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Don’t Forget These Numbers When Calculating the Mortgage on Your Rochester-Area Home

Avoiding Remodeling Regrets in Your Rochester-Area Home

New Home Communities in Rochester NY Area

Cost Versus Value for Your Rochester Remodeling Project

Free Rent While You Build Your New Home!

It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts. Right? [Rochester-area Exterior Remodeling]

How Your Rochester-Area Custom Home Values Differ Based on Age

Choosing Your Rochester Builder: The Step Too Few Homeowners Take

Tips For Keeping Your New Rochester Home Looking and Feeling Fantastic

Greater Rochester Area Schools You’ll Want to Know About

What Does It Really Mean to Build a Custom Home?

Time for a New Year (Home) Resolution?

When Remodeling Is More Than Just Freshening Up Your Home

Winter is the Perfect Time to Be Thinking about Summer Lake!

Essentials for Evaluating the Suitability of a Model Home

Are You Dreading the Holiday Season Because Your Kitchen is Outdated?

Your Guide to Building Truly Custom in the Fingerlakes Region

Building a Custom Home in the Rochester Area: What to Do Before You Start

Which Remodeling Trends Matter Most For Your Rochester Home?

Where Will I Live While My Custom Home Is Being Built?

Custom Building in Rochester: Controlling Creeping Cost

Rochester Additions Are About More Than Adding Space

Interior Remodeling That Reinvents Your Rochester Home from the Inside Out

Rochester Remodeling—Measuring the Cost Before You Begin

Essentials You Need to Know About Rochester Home Remodeling

Prepare Yourself Before Attending Homerama in Rochester NY this August

Farmhouse Chic for Your Rochester-Area Home

The Ellington Floor Plan in Magnolia Manor—A Great Home for a Great Community

What to Know About Rochester Area In-Law Homes

What to Look For as a First-time Rochester Homebuyer

2018 Housing Trends: Bigger Isn’t Better—Better Is Better!

If You’re Thinking About Building in the Rochester Area You May Want to Take a Spring Road Trip!

Build, Buy, or Remodel? What’s the Right Choice for Your Rochester Home?

Exterior Remodeling—Because It’s Not Just What’s Inside That Matters

Creating Your Perfect Rochester Home: Is New Right for You?

How to Make a Rochester-Area Home More Accessible for Aging Loves Ones

Building or Remodeling Your Rochester Home—Knowing Where to Start Matters

Grand Entrances in Rochester-Area Luxury New Homes

What Makes The Rochester Area a Great Place to Live

Balancing Cost & Value When Building or Remodeling

What’s Trending In Kitchens for 2018?

Rochester Winter: How to Get Through It and Get Ahead!

What Will the Kitchen of the Future Look Like For You?

Not Planning to Move After Retirement? Join the (Growing) Club!

Home Additions: Adding Space That Let’s You Enjoy Your Rochester Home

Multi-generational Homes Aren’t Just For Mom & Dad

Understanding the Cost Difference Between 1, 1 ½, and 2 Story Buildings

Understanding The Pre-Construction Process

How to Pick the Right Floor Plan—Gerber Can Help

The Home Site Selection Process—How Gerber Can Help!

“Discover the Promise” in Greece, NY

Brighton & Pittsford: Distinctive Small Town Character with Easy Access to Rochester

Transportation History Comes Alive in Rush, NY

Looking for Fun Around Irondequoit?

Energy-Efficiency is a New York State Kind of Thing!

New Construction Communities: How to Foster Community

Financial Reasons Why Remodeling Your Rochester-area Home May Make Sense

Niagara Falls: One More Reason Living in the Rochester Area is Great

Is Natural Wood Flooring The Only Way to Go For Your Rochester-area Home?

Why A Laundry Room on the 2nd Story Might Make Sense

Going Beyond the Basics: Take Advantage of Your Rochester Builder’s Expertise

Inside Out Living: Planning Now for Summer Enjoyment

Is Open-Plan Living in the Fingerlakes Region a Fad?

Should You Keep Your Bathtub in the Greater Rochester Area?

Kitchen Design Considerations When Building or Remodeling in Rochester

Will LED Lights Really Make a Difference in Your New Rochester Home?

3 Little Mistakes That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Canandaigua Home

Building a Rochester-area Home That Pampers Your Pet

Want a Home in Rochester with Custom Features But Don’t Want to Wait

2017 Remodeling Trends in Rochester, NY

5 Tips from an Ontario, NY Homebuilder

3 Things to Remember When Remodeling Your Canandaigua Home

A Visual Walk Through the Homebuilding Process in Rochester

2 Times When Remodeling Is a Better ChoiceThan Buying a New Home

Timeless Design: Why It Pays to Go Classic Rather Than Trendy

Why It Pays to Work with a Reputable Homebuilder Who Listens to YOU

Community Living in the East Rochester Area

Does the Popularity of Remodeling Mean You Can’t Find a Good Rochester-Area Remodeler?

When You Hate to Wait for a New Home—Or Don’t Have the Luxury

Fall 2016 Activities in the Finger Lakes Region

Why Getting Your Financial House in Order First Matters When Building Your New Rochester Home

Why Choosing Your Community Is Important When Choosing A Home

What’s Your Kitchen Personality? How to Match Your Rochester Kitchen to Your Persona

Take the Stress Out of the Homebuilding Process by Hiring a High Quality Rochester Homebuilder

When Buying a Rochester-Area Custom Home, It’s not Just What You Pay—It’s What You Get for Your Money

3 Things That Can Delay the Completion of Your Finger Lakes Area Home

Small Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

2016 Kitchen Design Trends for Your Rochester-Area Home

Understanding Pricing Variations in the Rochester Area

Is There Such a Thing as a Standard Cost for a Custom Home in Rochester?

Soak or Shower? What's the Right Choice for Your Canandaigua Master Bathroom?

Should Your Fingerlakes-Area Bathroom Vanity Make a Statement or Be Functional?

Keeping Your Options Open When Adding Additional Living Space to Your Rochester-Area Home

Does It Matter Where You Put Your Bed? Pros and Cons of Master Bedroom Locations in Your New Rochester Home

Doors: Adding Character to Your Rochester Home, Both Inside and Out

Will Spending More on Your Rochester-Area home Guarantee You More Value?

Where Will You Live While Your Rochester-Area Home is Built?

How Do You Know If You Can Trust a Rochester-Area Builder? Ask His Clients!

Preparing Yourself for Kitchen Remodeling in your Rochester-Area Home

How Your Rochester-Area Custom Home Values Differ Based on Age

Does Building a New Rochester-Area Home Make Sense for You?

What Do People Love About the Finger Lakes Region?

Surprising Places Your Rochester Custom Home Could Cost More--And How to Prepare

Featured Floor Plan: The Gilmore on Parrish Road in Mendon, NY

Can You Overdo It When Researching Your New Rochester Custom Home?

What Really Matters Most When Designing the Kitchen for Your Rochester-Area New Home

What Matters Most in Your Rochester Bathroom?

No Time to Build? You Can Still Choose a New Home in Mendon, Webster, or Ontario

The Importance of the Right Fit: Comparing Floor Plans for Your Rochester-area Home

Part of Shopping for a New Home in Rochester NY Includes Shopping for a Home Loan

Walk Through Our Homes!

I Wish I’d Thought of That! Avoiding Budget Missteps When Planning Your New Home

Building Your New Home: Are You Focused on Cost or Value?

Get More Usable Space in Your Next Rochester NY Home

How to Approach Costs with Your Rochester-area Builder—So You End Up With More Value

When Waiting to Build a New Home Isn’t In the Cards

3 Reasons Home Building Breaks the Budget (and How to Avoid It)

How Do You Know If You’re Getting a Fair Price on Your New Rochester-area Home?

What Are the Most Important Features in Your New Rochester NY Home?

What to Do When You and Your Builder Disagree

How to Keep Your Rochester Homebuilding Expenses in Line with Your Budget

Want a New Home in the Eastern RochesterArea—But Can’t Afford to Wait?

Where Do YOU Want to Live in the Eastern Rochester Area?

How to Keep Your Builder From Spending Too MuchMoney

Boring Things That Matter A Lot in Your Rochester Area Custom Home

Is Now the Perfect Time for a Home Addition?

Don’t Treat Your In-Laws Like Outlaws

Locating the Lot for Your New Rochester-area Home

Make a Brand New Start in Beautiful Magnolia Manor

Should You Opt for LEDs for Your New Rochester-Area Home?

Kitchen Lighting: The Oft-Overlooked Design Element

Looking for a Home Designed for Practical Living? Check Out the Southmore!

In Canandaigua, Ontario, Perinton, and Webster Seeing Is Believing

How Long Do You Plan to Stay in Your Rochester Home?

When Talking Floor Plans, Are Two Better Than One? (It’s a Bit of a Trick Question)

How to Make Sure Your Rochester Kitchen is Really YOUR Kitchen

Why All Rochester Floor Plans Aren’t The Same: Narrowing Your Search

Multi-generational Homes: A Blend of Togetherness and Privacy

Take Your Pick of Places, Plans, and Properties for Your New Home

Sometimes What’s On TV Isn’t As Important As Where the TV Is.

Featured Floor Plan: The Triple Crown

What Are the Essentials for Your Marvelous Master Bath?

What Makes Your New Home “Custom?”

Is the Ashton the Perfect Floor Plan for Your New Rochester Home?

Don’t Want to Wait For Custom Quality in the Rochester Area?

Kitchen Remodeling: What Would Go Into Your Dream Kitchen?

What Will Your Rochester Home Cost You?

Adding Additional Rooms: Not All Rooms Are Created Equal.

Building Your NY Home: What Makes a Floor Plan a GREAT Floor Plan?

Essentials for Your Rochester-area Home Office

Finding Balance with an Open Floor Plan in Your Rochester-area Home

Single-Level Spaciousness in the Floor Plan of the Month

Why It Matters Who Builds Your Rochester Area Home

4 Ways to Conquer Clutter In Your Rochester-area Home

Build a Rochester Home You’ll Keep On Loving

Sometimes “Custom” Simply Means More Practical Choices for Your Rochester-area Home

Rochester Area Floor Plan of the Month: The Walton

Kitchen Concepts for 2015

Want a Great New Home in the Rochester Region—But Don’t Want to Wait?

How Important is a Creative Homebuilder in the Rochester Area?

What to Look at When You’re Reviewing a Floor Plan

Want the Perfect Rochester-area Home? Plan For It!

3 Things to Think About Before You Decide to Build in the Rochester Area

Rochester-Area Remodeling: Which Projects Make the Most Sense?

Building Your New Rochester Home: Is It Really What’s Inside That Counts?

Building a House with the Future in Mind

Who’s in Control of Building Your Rochester-Area Custom Home?

Rochester-Area Kitchen Remodeling: The Big Take-Away

Outstanding Ontario Homes Begin With a Great Location—and Great Plans

4 Steps to Creating the Rochester-Area Home of Your Dreams

Choosing the Right Builder for Your Rochester-Area Custom Home: What to Look For

Make Sure Your House Still Feels Like Home as You Get Older

Is Your Rochester-Area Home Changing With Your Needs?

How Much Should You Spend on Land for Your New Home in Rochester?

Is New Really Right for You in Rochester? Should You Build a New Home or Perfect the Home You’re In?

Living in the Finger Lakes Region: A Place for All Seasons

Thinking of Building a Custom Home? Take Your Time!

Why Creating Your Dream Home is NOT Like a Box of Chocolates!

Purchasing Property: The Real Dirt on Buying Dirt

Why Everybody Loves a Parade—of Homes

Creating a Home You Can Stay in

Creating the Perfect Home Doesn’t Just Happen

Why Plans Matter When Building Your Dream Home

Custom Home Quality Without the Wait?

Who Says the Rochester Area is a Great Place to Live? (How About Forbes?)

Looking for Great Living Options in the Rochester Area? You’re in Luck!

The Most Important Tool in the Homebuilding Process

Sometimes Bigger IS Better!

It’s Big. It’s Beautiful. It’s Back! It’s HOMERAMA!

What Makes Webster a Town Where “Life is Worth Living”?

What’s New in Custom Homes in the Rochester Area? See For Yourself!

Why Just Building a Custom Home for You Isn’t Enough For Us

Tranquility and Lake Views Can Be Yours in Ontario—And You’ve Got Options!

Understanding the Process of Building Your Dream Home (Part 2)

Building Your Rochester-Area Home: Which Site Is Right?

Canandaigua: Rediscover the Charm of Small Town Living

Understanding the Process of Building Your Dream Home (Part 1)

Building Your Rochester-area Home: The Process

Thinking About Building in Ontario? How Are the Schools?

Something Old . . . Something New in Canandaigua

Rochester-Area Additions: When “A Little Change” Isn’t Enough

Arriving at a Realistic Budget for Your Rochester-Area Custom Home

Kitchen Remodeling: Where It Makes Sense to Spend Your Dollars

Build a Custom Home in Rochester? NOW?

3 Ways To Glean Ideas For Your Rochester-Area Custom Home (And 3 Warnings)

Why Rochester-Area Model Homes Make Sense

Rochester-Area Kitchen Remodeling: Beyond Cabinets And Countertops

Where Should You Build Your Rochester-Area Home? Where YOU Want To Live!

Rochester-Area Homebuilding: How Big Is Too Big?

5 Questions To Ask When Looking at a Model Home

Rochester-Area Homebuilders: Awards, Affiliations And YOU!

What’s Your Plan? One Plan Doesn’t Fit All

Cost Of Living In Rochester (And the Cost Of Keeping Warm)

Maintaining Acreage Around Your Rochester-Area Home

Online Resources For Building Your Rochester Area Dream Home

Dream Home For Five-Year-Flip? What’s Right For You?

When Emotions Enter the Home Remodeling Process

Should I Use Gerber Or a National Builder?

Choosing an Age-Appropriate Floor Plan: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

September Is the Season For Learning: Increase Your Kitchen IQ

What If Your Old Home Sells Before Your New Home Is Finished?

The Importance Of a Plan For Your Eastern Rochester Area Home

Why Fall Remodeling Makes Sense

Custom Homes In the Rochester Area: Where Do You Want to Live Your Dream?

How Do You Know It’s Time To Remodel Your Rochester-Area Kitchen?

Rochester Area Custom Homes: Does Green Mean It’s Good?

Rochester Green: What Does It Mean?

When “Storage Wars” Come To Your Rochester-area Home

Where You Want To Live Should Really Be Your Choice

Summertime In Rochester: Time To Hit the Decks!

Why Remodel Your Rochester Area Home In the Summer?

It’s Easier Than Ever To Find Your Dream Home In Rochester

Is Moving the Only Way To Get the Rochester-Area Home You Want?

It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts. Right?

Finding Your Rochester-Area Home: What If You Don’t Want To Wait?

Overcoming Custom Homebuilding Obstacles In the Rochester Area: One Less Thing To Worry About

Doing “Surgery” On the Heart Of Your Rochester Home

Rochester In-Law Floor Plans: Don’t Make Your In-Laws Feel Like Outlaws

Timing Is Money: Why Now Is the Best Time To Build Or Remodel In Rochester

Four Things To Think About Before Remodeling Your Rochester-Area Bathroom

Build Or Buy an Existing Home? What’s the Right Choice In the Rochester Area?

Choosing Flooring For Your Rochester-Area Bathroom

5 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid When Building Your Rochester-Area Home

Building Your Rochester-area Home: Where You Build Matters

Remodeling Your Rochester-area Kitchen: Little Things That Make a Big Difference

What’s Cooking: Remodeling Your Rochester-area Kitchen

Rochester-area Homebuilding: Before You Build

Rochester Winters: No Big Deal?

Planning Your Rochester Home: No Time Like the Present!

Unlocking Your Home’s Hidden Space

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why Choice Matters in House Plans

What’s the Value of a Home Renovation Project?

Benefits of Buying a Model Home in the Rochester Area

How Can You Plan for Your Rochester Dream Home?

Rochester Area Commercial Properties: 50 Years of Experience You Can Trust

Planning Your Rochester Remodel: Organizing Your Ideas

Choosing a Rochester Area Homebuilder: What Really Matters?

4 Things That Affect the Cost of Your Rochester Area Home

Planning Your Custom Home in Rochester: Don’t Forget Storage Space

Building Your New Rochester Home: Don’t Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Budget

Remodeling Your Rochester Bath: What Comes First?

Want a Custom-Quality Home in the Rochester Area—But Don’t Want to Wait?

5 Things You Can Do to Improve the Home Renovation Experience

Want to Hate Your New Kitchen? Follow These Three Steps

Four Things to Remember When Remodeling Your Bathroom

The Custom Homebuilding Process: Taking One Step at a Time

Remodeling in Rochester: Getting a Grip on the Scope of Your Project

Remodeling Your Rochester Kitchen: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Building & Remodeling in Rochester: Homes for the Way People Live

What Design Should You Use for Your Rochester Area New Home?

Green Homes in Rochester: The “Fad” That Won’t Fade

Build a Rochester Area New Home: Custom Design or Ready-Made Plans?

Advantages to Model Homes

Building Green

Energy Star New Homes

Building Green In Canandaigua NY

Lake Front Cottage Story

Ranch Home Living in the Greater Rochester Area

Webster, Ontario and Victor Census Reports

Senior Living Options

Free Rent While You Build Your New Home

Insulation. Our Ancestors Were Creative

Why Build A New Home Rather Than Buy An Existing Home?

Location, Location, Location.

Grand Entrances in Luxury New Homes

New Home Options: Home Offices and Cappuccino

Bamboo Flooring in Victor NY

New Home Options: In-Law Apartment

New Home Floor Plans and Pot Roast

New Home Options: Quartz Countertops

Finger Lakes Region

Apple Region New York State and New Home Building

New Homes Webster NY

Bedrooms Bathrooms New Homes

Choosing Your Rochester Builder: The Step Too Few Homeowners Take

Flooring Options and Green Shag Carpeting

Kitchens. Part Of The Action.

Decks, Landscaping

Basements, Not just for Furnaces Anymore

Choosing the Right Builder for Your Rochester Area Home Means Asking the Right Questions

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