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What’s Your Kitchen Personality? How to Match Your Rochester Kitchen to Your Persona

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 10:09 AM

Whats-Your-Kitchen-Personality-How-to-Match-Your-Rochester-Kitchen-to-Your-Persona.jpgYou hear all the time about how the kitchen is (arguably) the most important room in your home. Heck, we’ve talked about it, too in posts like this one that talks about what a dream kitchen can look like. Whether you’re building a new home in the area or looking to remodel your Rochester-area home, your kitchen is one room that demands a little extra attention.

There are tons of opinions about what goes into the perfect kitchen. But how can you make sure the kitchen you end up with is one that really fits your lifestyle? Is what’s perfect for someone else going to be perfect for you?

It’s important that your kitchen matches your personality. I’m not talking about introverted or extraverted personalities; I’m talking about having a kitchen that matches the way you live and how you like to use that space. It might be helpful to think in terms of a persona like the ones described here.

  • Cindy the Casual Hostess is all about convenience and making guests feel welcome in her kitchen. She’d rather spend time with her guests than spend time preparing meals and trying out exotic recipes. That’s why herkitchen appliances and design focus on ease of access and ease of use. Her kitchen has lots of space for family and guests to linger while food is being prepared. It’s open to the Family Room so that everybody feels connected. Cindy’s family also eats most of their meals in the kitchen area so she might opt for a built-in breakfast bar at the center island or even a breakfast booth right off the kitchen.
  • Gourmet Ginais really into gourmet cooking. It’s not just something she tries occasionally—she’s passionate about it and the layout of her kitchen reflects that. She designs her kitchen space to enable her to do the kind of intensive cooking she and her family enjoy. It’s all about efficiency and preparation in Gina’s kitchen. She still likes to host meals and have friends over, but her guests enjoy their special meals in a space adjoining the kitchen—not in the kitchen itself.
  • Emily the Entertaineris a true social character. Her kitchen is where she hosts friends and guest—for a glass of wine or for conversationwhile she prepares a meal or a snack.That’s why she wants a kitchen that’s spacious and gives guests room to mingle without worrying that they’ll get in the way of the preparation. Entertaining and doing food preparation in the same space means that Emily wants/needslighting that will enable her to easily complete tasks such as chopping, cutting, washing, and stirring. But then, when the prep work is done, she can switch over toambient lighting that makesguests feel comfortable.
  • Thoroughly Modern Melissais a big fan of modern design using clean, sleek lines. Countertop clutter is one of her pet peeves. That means she has a kitchen that allows plenty of storage space to keep things off the counter. It also shapes her selection of cabinets, counter tops, back spalsh and flooring—and she gravitates toward simple colors with bold accents.
  • Carol the Country Girlis a fan of warm, inviting, country style décor. She wants her kitchen to be a place where friends enjoy a relaxing a cup of coffee or tea while talking about anything (or nothing). Her kitchen is a relaxing place so she likescabinets, counters, sink, furniture and colors that are warm and comfortable. She does have a preference for natural materials such as reclaimed wood and metalthat give her kitchen a comfortable “lived-in” feel.


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