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Multi-generational Homes: A Blend of Togetherness and Privacy

Posted by John Graziose

Thu, Jun 25, 2015 @ 19:06 PM

Multi-generational-home-a-blend-of-togetherness-and-privacy_copy_2Many years ago multi-generational families living under one roof were a pretty common occurrence. It wasn’t at all unusual to have grandparents, parents, and kids sharing space. As American society became more mobile the trend was for families to become more independent and scattered. Like many trends, however, that one seems to have circled around. 

An increasing number of seniors are opting out of retirement communities and homes—preferring to stay in their own homes. AARP reports that 87 percent of adults age 65+ want to stay in their current home and community as they age. Sometimes, that’s simply not practical. Home maintenance can be a real issue for more mature adults. Still, many seniors don’t want to live in a “facility,” they want to live at home. And often that means living with family. 

For many adult children of aging parents, having Mom and Dad nearby is preferable. They can help when it’s needed without extra trips. And when extra care is required, they’re right there. Plus, they get to enjoy the company of their parents.

Those over 65 and their children, however, aren’t the only ones who are looking at multi-generational living situations. There’s a whole younger generation that is still trying to figure out their way. Housing costs for those just beginning their careers can be more of a burden than they counted on. So a significant number of younger adults are returning home (even if it’s not the same house they grew up in). 

Not every home, however, is designed to accommodate multi-generational families. And while togetherness is a great thing, families need their privacy as well. That’s where homes specifically designed for multiple generations are ideal 

The Wainwright, for instance provides spacious single-level living that can accommodate more than one set of adults. The Guest Suite offers an ample bedroom with walk-in closet and adjoining bath and even a separate study. Families then share a common kitchen, dining room, breakfast niche, and great room.

For those wanting more space (and separate levels) The Walton is a great option. There is a separate “In-Law” space on the main level that includes bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/nook. Whoever is on this level can prepare meals on their own—or join the rest of the family in the main kitchen.  The rest of the family can have their privacy upstairs where they have a Master Suite, two additional bedrooms, and even a Bonus room that can be a retreat for the immediate family to gather for entertainment.

Yet another single-level option is The Wainscott, which offers a three-car garage (to accommodate more drivers). There are Master Suites on opposite sides of the home. One Master Suite includes it’s own living room and kitchen with nook to make it a self-sufficient living area. Generations can enjoy as much—or as little interaction as they choose.

If multi-generational living is something you’re considering, you have options! It’s good to know that those options provide you with choices in style and size. And they allow for both togetherness and privacy whenever you need them.

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