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Choosing an Age-Appropriate Floor Plan: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Posted by John Graziose

Thu, Oct 10, 2013 @ 20:10 PM

Choosing an age appropriate floor plan one size doesn't fit allWhen people are considering building a custom home in the eastern Rochester, New York area, one of the first things many of them do is to start looking a floor plans. That, however, can be a bit of a daunting task! There are more floor plans out these than a builder can shake his Skil® saw at! Why are there so many?

It’s pretty simple: When it comes to finding the right plan for your custom home, one size doesn’t fit all. What your neighbor down the street wants in her custom home is probably completely different than what you want. And that’s a good thing. In addition to the style of home that appeals to you (colonial, ranch, cape, patio, etc.) you’ll want to select a specific floor plan that fits your style of living.

If you have a younger family, for instance, you may be looking for more bedrooms in order to accommodate the kids. And maybe you’ll want the bedrooms separated from the rest of the house so that the children can sleep while you’re still up entertaining guests. Going up and down stairs may not be a big concern, so that opens up more options for you.

More homeowners these days are looking for homes that can handle multiple generations. If you have older parents (or even older children) living with you who need private space of their own, that’s something you’ll want to look for in your floor plan. You can still have a home that’s cohesive—but it can provide privacy for the various family members.

Another trend that’s grown in popularity in the Rochester area (and around the country) is “aging-in-place.” An increasing number of homeowners are looking for homes that will continue to be comfortable and safe as they move into retirement age. And while some simply make modifications to the homes they are in, an increasing number are looking to build their homes specifically to allow them to remain there longer. Instead of simply adding on accoutrements to make it a bit easier to cope, these individuals are designing their homes to meet their changing needs as they age.

Which style of home and kind of floor plan is right for you? It depends on your current—and future needs. We invite you to check out the dozens of unique floor plans we offer. You can search by home style, square footage, number of bedrooms, or number of baths. One size doesn’t fit all. So start with a plan that fits your unique needs.


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