Home Remodeling in Rochester, NY and Nearby Suburbs

Remodeling Kitchens, Bathrooms, Exteriors, and More

Gerber Homes has a wonderful remodeling team. Whether you are looking to improve your home layout, update to current design trends, remodel a single room, or renovate your whole home, Gerber Homes is your ideal partner.

Scroll through the pictured home remodels below to see some of Gerber Homes' remodeling clients. If you have any questions or comments, simply fill out the form on the right!

  • kitchen-remodel-13-dining-1.jpg
  • kitchen-remodel-13-cupboards-1.jpg
  • kitchen-remodel-13-sink-1.jpg
  • Thomson_(after).jpg
  • Price_Remodel_-_after40_(stairs).jpg
  • Price_Remodel_-_after24_(kitchen).jpg
  • Price_Remodel_-_after55_(exterior).jpg
  • Williamson_Cottage_-_After02.jpg
  • Williamson_Cottage_-_After05.jpg
  • Williamson_Cottage_-_After04.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-1.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-2.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-3.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-4.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-5.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-7.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-8.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-9.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-10.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-11.jpg
  • gerber-homes-remodel-12.jpg