1. Affiliations. Gerber Homes is a member of the Rochester Home Builders Association, State Home Builders Association and the National Home Builders Association.

2. Recognition. Gerber Homes is recognized for outstanding home building (2002 Builder of the Year, Homearama People’s Choice Award and 2003 Inductee into the Home Builders’ State Hall of Fame). Norm and Bruce Gerber have served as past Presidents of the Rochester Home Builders Association and are well recognized at the local, state, and national levels of the industry. Norm is also a lifetime director of the National Home Builder’s Association.

3. Community Focus. With three generations of family working together the Gerbers are lifetime area residents, offering over 50 years of experience building over 3000 homes! Gerber Homes is a member of the Ontario, Webster and Canandaigua Chambers of Commerce.

4. Flexibility. Gerber Homes assisted the Rochester Home Builders Association in drafting a 6 year warranty program that is recognized by the Rochester Realtors Association and the Bar Association.

5. Customization. Gerber Homes excels at off-site building, whether it’s on “your home site, or ours.” All building plans are customized to suit your exact needs and can be built in a Gerber community or off-site on a private home site.

6. Accessibility. Gerber Homes Realty is a member of the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors (GRAR) and can assist you in locating land in the area you desire to build in. Our sales consultants, with access to the Multiple Listing Service, would be happy to conduct land searches on your behalf.

7. Pioneers. Norm Gerber is well known in the industry for pioneering building techniques that promote quality construction while preserving the environment. As a “green builder,” Norm believes in using recycled products that are engineered and manufactured to be environmentally friendly. Brand names complete our homes with safety, energy efficiency and maintenance free benefits.

8. Energy Efficient. Gerber Homes was one of the first builders in the area to become an Energy Star builder. We care about giving you the best products built, using smart, innovative and energy efficient construction techniques that add value to your home while saving you energy.

9. Sales Team. Our thoughtful, courteous, professional consultants offer a wide-range of expertise in the areas of home construction, finance, interior design, and existing real estate. Gerber Homes is a full-service organization that can assist with listing your existing home, while streamlining the entire process of building a new home.

10. Customer Service. Gerber Homes takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Our dedicated Customer Service Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Gerber Homes maintains information on all product selections so that we can reference your selections for years to come. A final inspection is conducted upon closing, and two additional inspections are completed during the first year of owning your home.

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