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5 Reasons to Create a Home Office in Your Rochester Home

Posted by John Graziose

Wed, Sep 2, 2020 @ 10:09 AM

5 Reasons to Create a Home Office in Your Rochester Home

With COVID-19 affecting a significant portion of businesses and ability to go into the office, this has forced several Americans to start working from home. Additionally, working from home is becoming more of a norm. With this increase, the demand, benefits, and need for home offices has grown.

Although you could makeshift your own new desk, if you will be working from home significantly more, there are several benefits to adding a home office and the necessary equipment for your benefits.

1. Increased Productivity

One of the biggest stats that has come from the shift to working from home has been the increase in productivity. There could be quite a few reasons leading to this increase. One reason could be that there are less distractions at home, such as your friends from work to chat with. Another reason could be not needing to travel through traffic, potentially stressing you out and trying to get to work on time.

Having a designated room for your home office, subconsciously tells yourself that if you are in the home office, that is time for work. Whereas, if you were to work on the couch with the television on, this poses more distractions and you may not be as focused, in comparison to being in your home office.

2. Improving Posture

At the office, you may not have as much freedom as you do in your own house. At your house you are able to organize and use any equipment you may want. Creating an ergonomically friendly work area to help with different aches and pains, while also improving your posture is a great added benefit. Different aspects to look into would be buying a chair that offers good lumbar support and supports your spine well, as you will be sitting here a significant portion of the day.

Additionally, looking into getting an ergonomic desk that allows you to raise and lower it if you feel like standing. Ensuring that your screen is elevated to eye level to prevent slouching. There are several different areas to improve the ergonomics of your home office, for more information, click here!

3. Readiness For Future Events

Hopefully it does not come to it, but in the unfortunate event of something similar to the pandemic were to happen again, you would be prepared with your own home office. Additionally, now that businesses see that they can function and the employees are actually more productive at home, they may be more inclined to allow you to work from home time-to-time. Also, if heavy snow falls happen or weather issues, these could become a part of our future and just allowing work to be done at home.

It's better to have the office when something does occur than to need it when that event happens.

4. Privacy

Having your own office in your house allows you your privacy and if you have kids at home, if you are in your office, they will know you are working. Also, having a room to yourself, instead of working out in the open in the living room or dining room for example. Having your own room to yourself allows for much more privacy in your house.

5. Increases Your Home Value

If you have an extra room and telecommuting becoming more normal in our economy, having an office space in your house when you go to sell, could really influence someones decision to buy a house. However, you may need to ensure that there are enough outlets, space, data ports, and potentially an extra phone line. These are not all necessary, but definitely something to keep in mind when creating your home office.

As telecommuting is becoming more abundant in our society, the need for home offices are spiking. There are several benefits to creating a positive work area at home to create a good work atmosphere. Making sure proper equipment is being used and that if you are renovating, to make sure to have the necessary requirements to keep your home office a quality workspace.

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