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Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 @ 19:01 PM

Walk-through-our-homes.jpg When you’re looking for ideas for a new home, there are lots of great tools available to you. Online sites such as and have tons of wonderful ideas for creating the home of your dreams 

Another option is to look at floor plans of homes available in your area. If you have a sense for the style of home you want and a feel for the area size need, you can look at floor plans that show you a number of different layouts. You can get a general feel for how much space is available, how the rooms flow into one another, and what the overall design of the home is like. You can even use the measurements in the floor plans to see how well your existing furniture will fit (and where you may want to buy new pieces!). 

For a lot of people, however, nothing beats feet on the street. Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t get a lot out of looking at drawings and pictures. You’d rather see for yourself—up close and personal in real life–what a home will really look like when it’s completed. 

You’re not alone. Not everybody gets the big picture from looking at blueprints or an architect’s drawings. The good news is that you don’t have to do that if it doesn’t work for you. If you’re interested in building a home in Webster, Canandaigua, Perinton or Ontario, you can check out model homes and do your own walk-through. You don’t have to imagine what it’s like to walk from the kitchen to the family room—you can do it yourself in a real house. If you’re wondering how big a dining room or bedroom is, you don’t have to pull out a tape measure—you can step into an actual room and know exactly how it feels.  

We have model homes available for your personal visit at: 

Simply “Click to Contact the Agent” beside the home you’d like to see and you can set up an appointment to look inside.  

If you’re not quite ready to drive out and walk through these homes, many of them offer you the opportunity to take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own computer, tablet or smart phone!  Just click on the blue “Virtual Tour” button next to the home you’d like to see.  

If floor plans don’t give you all the information you want, you can get a different view of potential homes—whether you prefer “feet on the street” or “eyes on the screen.” It’s a great way to check out homes you think might be a good fit for your family! 

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Want a Custom-Quality Home in the Rochester Area—But Don’t Want to Wait?

Posted by John Graziose on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 08:09 AM

Custom-Quality-Home-in-the-Rochester-AreaWe’ve all heard that good things come to those who wait. And some of us are still waiting! What do you do if you want the quality of a custom-built home, but (for whatever reason) you simply don’t have the time to wait (or maybe you just hate waiting)?

If you’re looking for a custom-quality home in the Rochester area, you’re in luck! Gerber Homes has custom model homes in Ontario, Perinton, Webster, and Canadaigua that are ready for you right now.

These are great homes with lots of built-in custom features. Not only will you enjoy the fine quality of custom-built Gerber Homes construction, but you can also enjoy special savings for a limited time. And best of all, if waiting just isn’t an option for you, these homes are move-in ready!

Click here to take a look at any of these fine homes. You can even take a virtual tour!

And if you decide that waiting isn’t so bad after all, we’d love to build you a home to your exact specificationsin one of these communities—or nearby in Huron, Victor, Sodus, Marion, or East Bloomfield. Check out the possibilities here.

Whether you want your home now—or whether you’re willing to wait—we’ve got what you want. At Gerber Homes, we build dreams so that families can live them!


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