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In Canandaigua, Ontario, Perinton, and Webster Seeing Is Believing

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Aug 5, 2015 @ 06:08 AM

In-Canandaigua-Ontario-Perinton-and-Webster-seeing-is-believingSome people are really good at visualizing what something will look like when it’s complete. They can see how all the parts come together to make the whole. People like that can often look at a floor plan for a home and see more than just lines and numbers. They can see what the finished house will look like—and how each room will work for their family. 

If you’re one of those people, you can click here to check out one of the many floor plans for homes we build here in the Rochester area. There are Colonial, Ranch, and Cape style homes. You can also look at plans for patio homes and homes with 1st floor master suites. And chances are, you’ll have a good idea of what will fit your tastes and lifestyle. 

Some people, however, need a bit more of a hands-on approach. For them, seeing is believing (and understanding). They want to physically see how the rooms of a home flow together. They want to see how the finished kitchen looks. They want to feel what it’s like to walk from the garage into the house. 

If you’re that kind of person and you’re looking for a new home in the Rochester area we have good news. We have a number of models in Canandaigua, Ontario, Perinton, and Webster that will let you have that kind of “up-close-and-personal” experience. 

  • Canandaigua-Ontario-Perinton-Webster-Seeing-Is-Believing2Canandaigua: The Old Brookside community in Canandaigua is located off of Buffalo Street and is comprised of rolling hills, mature trees, green space, kiddies' park, and sunny open spaces. The community has community ponds stocked with fish, a pedestrian trail, and maintained open spaces.  It has the convenience of close proximity to all of Canandaigua's shopping and dining amenities. You can take a look inside this 1,571 square foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath home to see if it’s right for your family.  And if you’d like to preview it before you drive out for a look, you can take a virtual tour!
  • Canandaigua-Ontario-Perinton-Webster-Seeing-Is-Believing3Ontario: This beautiful Cape home is in our beautiful Summer Lake Development, where you can feel spectacular lake breezes and enjoy lake views from most home sites. This 2,044 square foot 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is only 1.5 miles out of Webster. Check it out at7704 Misty Way or take a look at the floor plan here.



  • Canandaigua-Ontario-Perinton-Webster-Seeing-Is-Believing4Perinton: If you’re looking for one-level living, you’ll want to check out this spacious 1,624 square foot 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with lots of features at 142 Tea Olive Lane,
  • Perinton, NY 14450. Again, you can check out the home online before driving out. 

Even if you’re great at visualizing, you may want to check out these great models. If you don’t have the time to wait for the construction of a new home, one of these models could be just what you’re looking for. Moving in can be quick in easy—and that’s something anybody can visualize!

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Why All Rochester Floor Plans Aren’t The Same: Narrowing Your Search

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Jul 1, 2015 @ 06:07 AM

Why-all-floor-plans-arent-the-same-narrowing-your-searchAs you begin making plans for building a Rochester-area home one of the things you’ll almost certainly do is look at floor plans. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably won’t fall in love with the first one you see. So you’ll look at more . . . and more  . . . until they all start looking alike. 

There are so many plans out there that the process can be overwhelming. We offer dozens of different options ourselves—and we’re just one builder. So what can you do to keep you’re your perspective (and your sanity) while considering your options. How can you narrow your search without giving up too much choice? 

One way is to identify key elements that are important to you. For some homeowners, the style of the home is extremely important. Let’s say you’ve always loved Cape style homes and you pretty much have your heart set on one. There’s no need to look at plans for a rancher. Even if the plan is a great one, you’re probably not going to be happy with it because it’s not what you really want. 

You might have other requirements that pertain to style or physical needs. If what you really need is a home that can accommodate aging parents or adult children, you’ll want to look at floor plans that have in-law layouts. 

If you glance at the floor plans we offer in the Rochester area, you’ll see that we give you a lot of choices! But you’ll also notice that you don’t have to search through every single plan to find what you want. 

  • Style: If you want to search by style of home, you can choose from Colonial style homes, Ranch style homes, or Cape homes. You’ll find plenty of options in each of those categories. 
  • Need: If you require something that will offer privacy and independence for mature parents or older children, you can explore the available options in the In-Law Layouts section of the plans. Or maybe you’re thinking about your own needs down the road and want a place that will continue to be comfortable and safe for you as you get older. In that case, you might want to look at our 1st Floor Master plans

Checking out floor plans doesn’t have to be an overwhelming proposition. Narrowing your search a bit can make the whole process a lot more manageable—and rewarding. And if you already have a plan that you like, that’s great. Simply bring us your plan and we’ll review it with you so that we can help you make your dream home a reality!

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