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What Matters Most in Your Rochester Bathroom?

Posted by John Graziose on Thu, Feb 25, 2016 @ 19:02 PM

What-matters-most-in-your-Rochester-bathroom_.jpgResearch shows that in American homes the bathroom ranks right up there with the kitchen as the most remodeled room in the home. So whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing home in the Rochester area, that gives you a bit of an idea of how important it is to get this room right.

If you spend much time looking at home design online, however, you might get the impression that the bathroom (whether it’s your master bath or your powder room) is all about opulence and making a grand statement. But are chandeliers, gold fixtures, and gold-leafed stand-alone tubs right for the bath in your home? What really matters most when it comes to your Rochester bathroom?

First and foremost, how you design this very private room (especially your master bath) should focus on comfort. Some time ago, Professional Builder Magazine surveyed a number of homeowners and asked them to list their main priorities for improving their home. What homeowners said was their main priority might surprise you. They listed having a double sink vanity in the master bath as their top choice! The third highest priority on their list was to install a walk-in shower with no door.

That’s a far cry from gold fixtures, soaking tubs, and heated towel racks! But it does help to illustrate what’s really important. Luxury is great if you really want it and if it fits your budget. What most of us are really after is comfort and convenience.

Having enough space so that you can get ready for your workday in comfort, or prepare for a night out is something that almost everyone appreciates. And having the bathroom conveniently located (particularly for the Master Bedroom) is probably more important to most of us than having 16 jets spraying in the bathtub (although having a whirlpool tub like the one featured in our Walton model or our Danbury floor plan can really be a nice addition!).

If a soaking tub is what you really want (and will use) then you should make it a priority. The point is that what matters most in your Rochester Bathroom is what matters to you. So as you consider floor plans for your new home, make a list of “must-have” items, and “Nice-to-have” items. Then make your choice of plans based on your wants, desires, needs, and budget—not on what someone else posts online.

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Rochester-Area Kitchen Remodeling: Beyond Cabinets And Countertops

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Jan 22, 2014 @ 07:01 AM

describe the imageIf you’re thinking of remodeling the kitchen in your Rochester-area home, you’re not alone. Kitchens and bathrooms are still the most remodeled rooms in the house. But what’s the first thing you think about when you consider remodeling? A lot of homeowners start thinking about what kind of cabinetry they want—what kind of wood, what kind of hardware? Others focus on the kind of countertops they want. Should they go for granite or some other natural surface? And what about a backsplash to tie everything together? Then there’s flooring to consider. Should it be tile? Stone? Maybe something exotic like bamboo?

Those are all fun ideas to wrestle with—even if the sheer number of options can sometimes be a little overwhelming. How your kitchen looks is extremely important. Chances are that you’ll spend a lot of time there, so you want it to look right. But there are some basic things you need to consider first: Things that go beyond cabinets and countertops.

Before you get too wrapped up in the finishes your kitchen will have, you’ll want to revisit why you’re remodeling in the first place. Most homeowners tackle a kitchen-remodeling project because they’re not entirely happy with the way the kitchen works. That’s a bigger issue than just how the kitchen appears.

How do you want to be able to use your kitchen? Are you planning to do a lot of gourmet cooking? Will it be a place where you entertain? Are you planning to eat family meals in the kitchen? Are you a “make-meals-from-scratch” kind of family, or do you tend to pop something into the microwave?

The way you answer those questions will shape how you want to organize the space in your new kitchen. It will also affect the kind of appliances you install and even the work surfaces you put in.

Even if a big reason for remodeling was cosmetic, you’ll want to think about exactly what you wanted to change. Was the kitchen too dark? Are you after more natural light? Did the kitchen feel too cramped? Did it feel cut off from where people tend to gather and eat? Is removing a wall to expand your space an option? By the way, don’t plan on moving a wall until you talk to a builder or an engineer. You need to make sure that the wall you’re planning to move isn’t a load-bearing wall!

Once you figure out how you want to use your kitchen, then you can move on to figuring out what you want it to look like.  We’ve got a great guide that can help you design your kitchen to fit your personal style—and get what you really want out of your kitchen. Download our free Optimal Kitchen Designs and Layouts here, and you’ll also pick up tips on best practices for usability and some pointers on how to plan for your kitchen remodeling.

Then the cabinets and countertops you pick out will really make a difference!

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