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Sometimes Bigger IS Better!

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Jun 18, 2014 @ 07:06 AM

Sometimes bigger IS betterOver the years, we’ve learned that “bigger isn’t necessarily better.” Many of our cars are smaller. Our computers are smaller. Our cell phones are smaller. There’s even some evidence (although it’s not really conclusive) that—after a period in which homes got bigger and bigger—our houses are smaller.

There are times, however, when a bigger home simply IS better. Sometimes our needs change. Maybe children enter the picture and a home that seemed plenty big now feels crowded. Or perhaps small children turned into teens that need more space.

How we use our homes has certainly changed. Smaller kitchens, for instance, were the norm only 25 years ago. Now the kitchen has become the social/entertainment center of the home. But it’s not very entertaining to stand shoulder to shoulder in a crowded kitchen.

More and more of us work from home. And even if we office somewhere else, we often bring work home with us. Many older homes simply don’t have adequate space for a home office.

Sometimes, it’s not even a question of square footage. There are times when the space we have simply doesn’t lend itself to the kind of use we want. It’s just not efficient.

So what are your options?  There seem to be three pretty obvious choices: Buy a bigger house, build a bigger house, or remodel the home you’re in (either expanding your space or making more efficient use of your existing space).

Let’s be honest: None of these options are exactly convenient options. They’re all disruptive processes. But if you’re going to go through a disruptive time anyway, why not make sure that the home you end up with is really what you want. If you simply buy an existing home, it may be larger—but it may not be exactly what you want. Building from scratch, or remodeling your existing home puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. You can make the improvements and enhancements that you want—the ones that will ensure that your home fits your lifestyle.

So does it make more sense to build or remodel? That’s really up to you. We build new homes and do home renovations. And we love doing both. But if you’d like tome help thinking through the issue, we’d invite you to download our free Building a House, Creating a Home eBook. It addresses many of the questions you’ll need to answer before making your decision. And it’s got a lot of great design ideas you can use whether you decide to build or remodel.

Build or remodel? It’s a big decision, but remember that big sometimes is better!

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