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3 Things to Think About Before You Decide to Build in the Rochester Area

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Dec 17, 2014 @ 06:12 AM

3-things-to-think-about-before-you-decide-to-build-in-the-Rochester-areaOne of the main reasons people consider building a custom home instead of simply buying an existing home is that they want to make sure they get the home they really want. But there are three particularly important things to think about before beginning a building project in the Rochester area. 

Property: Choosing the property on which your new home sits is a really significant decision. And there’s a lot more to “location” than simply an address. Plus you can’t always tell everything you need to know about a piece of property just by “eyeballing” it. In addition to locating the land, you’ll need to do a site cost evaluation (is it suitable for building). You’ll also need to make sure that the floor plan you have in mind works with the lot. And you’ll need to ensure that you have access to septic, water, and other utilities. 

Plans: We already alluded to the importance of the right floor plan. But you also want a plan that fits your personality and lifestyle. Many builders have just a few from which to choose. We think you ought to have dozens of floor plan choices. And if you don’t like one of ours—bring yours in for review and we’ll be happy to work with that. 

Place: Choosing where you want to live is a bit more involved than just picking out the right parcel of land. It involves picking the right community and surroundings, whether that’s in Webster, Canandaigua, Ontario, Perinton, or other communities in the Rochester area. 

Building a custom home means building it your way: And that means choosing the property that’s right for you, building according to the plan that fits your lifestyle, and living in the place where your family will feel most at home.

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Building Your Rochester-Area Home: Which Site Is Right?

Posted by John Graziose on Fri, Apr 25, 2014 @ 20:04 PM

Building your Rochester area home which site is rightNot everyone building a home in the Rochester area is looking for the same style of house. Not everyone wants the same floor plan. And not everyone is looking for the same kind of site on which to build a dream home.

Some homeowners prefer well-established communities with a bit of history under their communal belts. They like the maturity of an existing neighborhood—and all of the quirks that come with it. Others opt for brand new communities where everything looks and feels new—and they know that the infrastructure is up-to-date.

Some homeowners opt for specific communities such as Summer Lake in Ontario, Old Brookside in Canandaigua, Whiting Road Estates in Webster, or Magnolia Manor in Perinton because they have friends there, or perhaps they like the schools or shops in the area. We’re building homes in each of those communities, as well as in Honeoye Falls, Sodus, Ionia, Williamson, and Farmington. You can check out all the options on our Communities page.

There are other individuals who prefer to live in areas that are less developed. And for them, the building site itself is every bit as important as the style of home, the square footage, and the specific layout of the floor plans. The good news is that there is still land available in the Eastern Rochester area. And we’re happy to help you find just the right parcel of land for your dream house.

If you’re looking for a quality custom home in the Finger Lakes region, you have a lot of options when it comes to style, floor plans, and communities. We’d love to build you a dream home that you can enjoy for years to come!

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