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Free Rent While You Build Your New Home!

Posted by John Graziose on Fri, Feb 8, 2019 @ 10:02 AM

Free Rent While You Build Your New Home!Building a new home in the Greater Rochester area is an exciting endeavor. At the same time, there are a lot of things to think about and juggle. You’ll need to consider the location of your new home (Here’s a quick video that helps with that process!). Then you’ll want to evaluate which floor plan best meets your needs (Here’s another short video that walks you through some tips for doing that). One thing many homeowners don’t think about is where they are going to live while their home is being built—and how they’re going to pay for that. That’s where Gerber Homes really stands out! You can enjoy free rent while you build your new home!

Get FREE Rent While You Build

Here’s One Thing You Won’t Have to Worry About

Sometimes schedules just don’t align perfectly. We get that. Maybe you just sold your existing home and it closed before you expected. Or perhaps you’ve been renting while planning to build—and your landlord just informed you that there’s going to be a significant increase in rent. Or it could be that you’ve recently moved to the area for work and you simply haven’t had time to build—but you need a place to stay.

Our free-rent-while-you-build offer can take the pressure off of you and let you enjoy the building process without the added worry of figuring out a place to live.

You’ve Got Options—and Amenities

When you build with Gerber Homes you’ll have a number of free-rental options from which to choose. We feel privileged to offer families several different choices of places to stay in the area while their homes are being built. Here’s a look at your choices and the amenities each one offers.

Patriot-Corner2Patriot Corner Apartments

1260 Ridge Rd, Ontario, New York

Located off Ridge Road on Patriot Drive, our Patriot Corner Apartments offer a variety of features you won’t find in most run-of-the-mill apartment complexes. This complex features a fitness trail that circles two fishing ponds and its nature preserve area. If you choose this location, you’ll be able to observe wildlife at any time of year. Enjoy some of the best shopping and dining five minutes away in Webster!


  • Two bedroom apartments
  • Central gas heat and air conditioning
  • Refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and disposal
  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Spacious rooms and closets (960 square feet)
  • Large kitchens with many cabinets
  • Laundry facilities on site
  • Ample parking
  • Outdoor cooking and picnic facilities
  • Nature trail with two ponds
  • Churches and shopping in close proximity
  • Close to Route 104
  • Quality energy efficient construction

Includes: free rent and free storage unit

Swiss-ChaletSwiss Chalet Apartments

222 Fayette Street, Palmyra, NY 14522

Our Swiss Chalet Apartments are located in a peaceful wooded setting with a pond that will allow you to experience a quiet rural setting that still gives you easy access to stores and churches within walking distance. And the Victor Malls are just 20 minutes away. A bonus is that the Erie Canal is just minutes away so your family can enjoy the new marina and hiking trail. 


  • Two bedroom apartments
  • Ground level entry for each apartment
  • Gas heat and central air conditioning
  • Refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and disposal
  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Spacious rooms and closets (1,000 square feet)
  • Laundry facilities on site
  • Garages Available (Limited Availability)
  • Ample parking
  • Churches and shopping in close proximity
  • Quality energy efficient construction

Includes: free rent and free storage unit

Seven_HearthsSeven Hearths Homestead
3635 Palmyra Rd, Marion, NY 14505

Seven Hearths Homestead is a charming community located directly off Route 21 in Marion, New York. The name of the complex comes from the original, historic land site. In fact, the first apartment building on the site was an old barn that had been converted into ten apartment units. That structure is now complemented by three additional apartment buildings. These apartments are all with walking distance of downtown Marion!


  • Electric baseboard heat
  • Fully carpeted
  • Wall unit air conditioning
  • Laundry facility on site
  • Convenient to Marion-Walworth Road (Route 441)
  • Beautiful country setting

Includes: free rent and free storage unit

If you’re looking forward to building a new home in the Greater Rochester area—and are interested in securing a great place to live rent-free while your home is being built, please click here to talk to us about your needs so that we can find a rent-free place to live while we build the home of your dreams!


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Grand Entrances in Rochester-Area Luxury New Homes

Posted by John Graziose on Mon, Jan 15, 2018 @ 13:01 PM

Grand-Entrances-in-Luxury-New-Homes.jpgIf you’re like me, perhaps you grew up in a typical post-WWII cookie-cutter neighborhood. The homes—hastily built to keep up with diapered Baby-Boomers—were generally pretty much alike.  The paint color may have been different, and one home might have a brick front to make it look a little different, but inside, each house looked pretty much like every other house on the block.  It’s just the way things were done then.

You may have noticed that a lot of new developments still operate that way. It’s cheaper for the developer and the builders to create homes that are essentially identical. At Gerber Homes, however, we don’t take the cookie-cutter approach. That’s why it’s so rewarding for me as a builder in Rochester, NY to drive down a street in a community in which we’ve built the homes. No two homes are the same!  You’ll find a Ranch home next to a Colonial home, or a Cape home beside a Patio home. The creativity is incredible—and they all belong to the same community.

Part of that is because we offer so many different varieties of floor plans, to begin with. You don't have to settle for the same look or floor plan as your neighbor. By the way, if you're looking for help in choosing the right floor plan, here’s a post that offers some great insights.

Even if you happen to choose a floor plan that’s similar to those around you, there are still things you can do to make your home uniquely yours and to reflect your personal sense of style. Your entranceway is one place to really make your home stand out. With that in mind, I wanted to share some examples of entrances that really make an impact. You may not want to copy them, but they might be a good source of inspiration for the Rochester area home you plan to build.

Here’s a home entrance that leads visitors straight through the main level of the home. The front and back doors are aligned to provide a central hallway for a dramatic welcome. The columns and pillars add a sense of formality and the covering roof helps keep snow off the front entrance in the winter (and blistering sun off in the summer).

The entrance to this home focuses on carrying the unique arched shape of the exterior door through into the interior of the home. You can see the arched influence repeated in other doorways, in an alcove, and even in a small built-in storage closet that adds a lot of interest to the room.

Here’s an entryway that extends the front porch over to the front door and picks up the Cape style architecture of the dormers for the covering over the front stairs. The home also uses the stonework facing on the rest of the home to tie in the entranceway. In addition, the narrow windows on either side of the doorway let in natural light—making the interior entrance brighter and more welcoming.

An entranceway can also make a big and bold statement. This entryway makes it quite clear that once you step inside, you’re leaving the outside of the house behind. This particular treatment may be too bold and black for many homes, but it gives you an idea of how you can use the entrance to your home to make a statement.

You don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter approach when building your new Rochester home. A wider variety of floor plans and a unique approach to your entryway are just two of the ways that you can make your new home uniquely yours.


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New Home Options: Home Offices and Cappuccino

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, May 2, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

Home builder Webster NYHome offices are all the rage now, and with great reasons.

It seems the way business is going.  It just makes financial sense to have employees work from home.  And many employees prefer the flexibility.

Part 2 is our busy lives. We need a room designated to take care of our stuff.  A place for important papers, etc.  And a place to set up our computer(s).  This internet thing just doesn’t seem to be going away.

So Home Offices become our Command Center.  The hub of the house.  It’s where we find things.  Do things.  Watch the latest YouTube videos, and pass along Forwards about cute pets in Halloween costumes.

How did families survive without a Home Office?  It’s where soccer schedules are tacked to the wall, where peanut butter sandwiches go to die.  Let’s face it, we need a space just to keep our lives organized.  Or if this doesn’t work, a room with a door.

Gerber Homes, a premier new home builder in Rochester NY, has this Home Office thing all figured out. They are a family business, so they know a thing or two about what families need.

The Webster NY Briarwood Model Home Office is not only elegant, it’s also accessible.  The floor plan is designed for both business and family.home builders Rochester NY 2

This is what I mean: When you work out of your home, you need to be able to greet customers at the door, and take them directly into your office.  With the Hemingway II’s floor plan, the Office is right near the front door. Don’t underestimate the importance of this! I’ve gone through models from other home builders, and the Office is located on the second floor.  Just go past the unmade beds, it’s right after the kid’s bathroom.  Try not to stare at the Barney undies on the floor.

Since Gerber Homes is a family business, they figure most business deals will go better if customers don’t see the entire house…  Less stress for everyone.

The Office in Gerber Homes Webster NY model is also designed to be a part of the family.  One door opens to the foyer, the other door, a pocket door, becomes an extension of the Great Room.  So, while you’re cuddled up on the couch watching Leave It To Beaver reruns, (taking notes on how Ward organizes his Home Office), you can monitor how much screen time your kids are getting.  Plus, you’re close enough to yell “Hey, make me a cappuccino while you’re up!” (It could happen…)

new homes Webster NY1I guess the best way to see how this all fits together is to visit the  Webster NY model home. It’s about 5 minutes from Wegmans, and close to everything Webster has to offer.  Stop by and go through the model!  It’s open Wednesday-Sunday, noon-5.  Or just call Lisa West, the Webster rep for Gerber Homes. She can arrange a tour anytime.  Call her today! (585) 329-1922.  You might be interested to know this Webster NY model home is for sale.  AND it’s loaded to the gills with upgrades. You’ll never get a better deal on a new home!!

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