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Basements, Not just for Furnaces Anymore

Posted by John Graziose on Mon, Apr 9, 2012 @ 13:04 PM

new home builders Rochester NY  4It’s been years, but even now I can wake up out of a dead sleep, and scream.

I have “Basement-A-Phobia.”  Common to those of us who grew up in older homes with dark, dank, basements.
I think my phobia began when I was about 5.  My mom innocently asked me to “go to the basement and bring up a can of cling peaches.” If only she could have known the trauma that errand would cause.

First, I had to walk past Egor, the multi-armed furnace.  Egor would hiss and bang.  Spit and clang.  Those arms could grab young children and swallow them whole in it’s rumbling belly.
Once you made it past Egor, you came to shelves of canned goods.  This was the scariest part of the cellar.  Species of spiders, yet discovered by scientists lived there.  All of them homes Rochester NY 3

On my quest for cling peaches, I snuck past the sleeping Egor, and watched for angry spiders.  I was almost home-free.  I quickly grabbed the can, and in doing so, startled a mouse so large, it could have taken my hand off.  It screeched, I screamed, Egor clanged, and I was outta there.

So, perhaps you’ll understand why it’s taken so long to describe the basement of our Homearama 2010 model, The Springwater.

Last week, I ventured downstairs and was rather surprised.  The steps led to a beautifully carpeted room, kind of like another living room.  It had sliding doors, windows, that incredible bathroom with the “marble” shower, and lots of light.  It wasn’t scary at all.  It was, elegant.
But my phobia wasn’t giving up that easily.  I hadn’t seen Egor’s grandson yet.  I rounded the corner and starred in amazement.  No arms.  No clanging.  No hissing.  Just, a box.  The furnace wasn’t scary at all, and also included an air conditioning unit! The new owners could easily have a picnic lunch beside the thing, and live to tell the tale. I decided this was certainly no relation to the Egor I grew up with.  I decided to call it “Fred.”

Behind “Fred the Furnace” was a spot for canned goods or even Christmas stuff.  Lots of light, and cobweb-free.  The Springwater basement has so much room for storage.  Gerber Homes thought of everything.  You know, you might like to read what other Gerber Homes owners say about their new homes.

new homes Rochester NY 4Thanks Gerber Homes, for curing me of my Basement-a-Phobia.  Who knows, when you visit The Springwater during Homearama 2010 in Penfield NY, you might just find “Fred the Furnace” and me hanging out together, eating cling peaches.  (maybe.)

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