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Why Build A New Home Rather Than Buy An Existing Home?

Posted by John Graziose on Mon, May 7, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

advantages of building a new home Rochester NY 150x150Why Build A New Home Rather Than Buy An Existing Home?

That’s a good question.  With so many existing homes around, why build a new one?

Building verses buying comes down to more than preference.  It’s nice to have a floor plan that works best for your family.  It’s great to have a Home Office that is really a Home Office.  (Not a converted bedroom.)  It’s wonderful to decide where walls will go, and room size.  Gerber Homes in Rochester NY allows total control over the floor plan.  Click here to see floor plans, but know any of these can be changed.

Building a new home rather than buying an existing home makes energy and fiscal sense.

Older homes are known for their charm.  Think for instance of the beautiful mansions of Canandaigua NY.  Right in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region.  Many were built in the late 1800′s and have stood the test of time.  At least on the outside.  The wise buyer will want to peek between the walls.

Prior to 1950, electricians used cloth-wrapped wiring. Plastic wiring wasn’t even thought of yet.

There are several problems with cloth-wrapped wiring.  In time, the cloth becomes brittle and rots away.  Add a few hungry field mice who love dining on cloth, and you’ve got a fire hazard.

More than one Home Inspector has looked at existing homes built before 1950 and found faulty wiring. The wires, without their original cloth, easily touch and cause shocks and sparks.  Brittle and rotting cloth is a fire hazard.

So, what are the options? If an home built before 1950 is the way you want to go, than be prepared for total rewiring expenses. The home you are considering may have been built before Codes were even thought about.

This is just another reason building a new home makes fiscal, and safety, sense.  Gerber Homes builds with quality workmanship in mind.   Click here to see what others have said about Gerber Homes.

Click to see Gerber Homes’ many communities. They build quality new homes in neighborhoods, or on your own lot.  Call Sharon in Canandaigua NY, Mike in Victor NY, Leanne in Ontario NY or Lisa in Webster NY.  Tour their beautiful model homes, and ask the differences between buying an existing home verses a beautiful new Gerber Home.

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Apple Region New York State and New Home Building

Posted by John Graziose on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 13:04 PM

new homes Ontario NYOne of the things that attracted me to this part of New York State, was the abundance of farm markets.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly a country girl.  I had a little exposure to farm life when I was a kid, “helping” my uncle in Michigan, milk cows.  I confess, I do not have the gift.

So, moving so close to Ontario NY afforded me the luxury of fresh veggies, and the practicality of being close to work and Wegmans.

I recently traveled minutes out of Webster NY to Gerber Homes’ Summer Lake community in Ontario NY. I was surprised how close it is to the Webster NY business district, and our beloved Wegmans.  OK folks, I timed it.  Wegmans is only 10 minutes away from Gerber Homes’ Ontario NY community. 10 minutes!  I’ve spent longer in the produce department interviewing pomegranates.

When I arrived at the model home in Ontario NY, I met Leanne Boyatzies. Leanne let me do what I love to do:  Explore a new home.  I opened every cabinet, admired the beautiful wood on the stair railing.  I got such a kick out of this railing.  Gerber Homes of Rochester NY has designed a curve in the banister!  And different stained woods are dove-tailed together!  OK, I’ll admit it.  I actually stared at the railing.  Don’t judge, you would too. It was just the coolest thing.

After exploring the Ontario NY model home, Leanne told me a few things about Ontario NY.  First, you can get more house for your money, just by living 1 mile over the Webster NY border.  The difference amazed me.

Last spring I attended a talk where the Webster “fathers” announced Ontario NY is fast becoming an extension of Webster NY.  model homes Rochester NYWe are just running out of room, and need to move East.  Leanne lives in Ontario NY and has kids in the school district.  She says she wouldn’t be any place else.  There’s a small town feel, with all the shopping and dining just minutes away in Webster.

Then, I asked the big question:  What about winter.  Leanne assures me Ontario NY roads are constantly plowed and she hasn’t seen a delay in travel time.  Plus, Ontario has so many town activities, it’s the best of both worlds.

Gerber Homes’ Summer Lake in Ontario NY has a great location.  The model home (for sale by the way), overlooks Lake Ontario.  You can see the Lake from the Morning Room, Great Room and Bedrooms. The day I was there, the water was white capped, and very dramatic.  It’s like having water front property, without the added expense.

I guess this new homes community in Ontario NY is something you just have to see.  Stop in sometime, Wednesday: Friday, 10:00 – 3:00. Saturday and Sunday: Noon-5:00.  Leanne new home builders Ontario NYwould love to show off her model home, and let you explore the Ontario NY town she loves.  Give Leanne a call: (585) 880-1755 or see more photos on the Gerber Homes’ website. Click to see Colonial Floor Plans!

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