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Thinking About Building in Ontario? How Are the Schools?

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Mar 19, 2014 @ 07:03 AM

Thinking about building in Ontario how are the schoolsWhen you think about building a new home, there’s a lot to consider. Sure you want a great location. You want an environment that feels right for you. You want to get the best quality home you can get for your money. But some of the things that are important don’t have much to do with the actual house you’re planning to build.

For most parents, being able to send their kids to a great school is pretty high on the list of things that are important in a community. Maybe you’re considering building a new home in Ontario, but wonder what the schools are like.

We thought that one of the best ways to give people a real sense of what Ontario schools are like is to let the people who use them talk about them. Here are some actual comments about students and parents who have experienced what Ontario schools have to offer. What better way is there to find out than “straight from the horses’ mouth?”*

Wayne Senior High School

My school is excellent. I've only been here for two years but the atmosphere you feel when you walk through the doors each day is welcoming. The teachers and staff are always doing the better to help each student with a successful future and maintaining a positive impact. Students are so eager to learn, the school sports provided at Wayne are limitless. This should definitely be named a blue ribbon school.—Submitted by a student

Wayne Central is an excellent school. Staff are always working hard to help students achieve their goals and dreams. Students do very well here and have performed highly on state tests. Students are very motivated to excel in their studies and the parents are also very involved with the school. Teachers at Wayne are always doing what they can to better the students. —Submitted by a student

I would like to see this school become a blue ribbon school. The teachers are excellent. The students learn and have fun all at the same time. The programs they offer at Wayne are wonderful. —Submitted by a parent

Wayne Central Middle School

I have to tell you this is the best school to go to because the teachers work with you if you are having trouble and if your grades are going down they keep you after however long and help you until your grade is excellent! No bullying and they make sure you are ALWAYS taken care of. They care about you and your family so if you need to choose a school this is the one. —Submitted by a student

FANTASTIC TEACHERS! I am actually a student, I love this school, principals could be a bit better...but I love the teachers, they are great people. if you’re looking for a great school, send your children here! —Submitted by a student

This is a wonderful school. All 4 of my grown children went through Wayne schools from grade school all the way up to the high school and received a most excellent education. The teachers were first rate and caring people who went out of their way to make everyday wonderful. All 4 have gone on to good colleges and to earn degrees. —Submitted by a parent

We can build you a great new home in Ontario. (And we hope you’ll check out the beautiful homes in our Summer Lake Community). But we know that great design, fabulous features, and quality construction are only part of the picture when it comes to creating the place you’ll call home. We know how important good schools are in deciding where you want to live. We hope that these comments—“straight from the horse’s mouth”—give you a sense of the quality you can expect from Ontario schools.

Quotes are from You can gather more information about specific schools at


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