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Webster, Ontario and Victor Census Reports

Posted by John Graziose on Mon, May 14, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

D and C article Page 1The census reports are in, and Webster, Ontario and Victor came back with flying colors.

You remember taking the census.  A year ago, it seemed like mindless questions to answer, questions that had very little to do with our daily lives.

How wrong we were. The census results give us a report on where we live.  Politics and budgets aside, the census results help us see change.

Take for instance a recent Democrat and Chronicle article.  Front page, no less.  Webster NY: “Suburban town is Monroe County’s fasting growing (area).” Ontario County: “Town’s populace grew by 43 percent.”

So what does that really mean for us in Rochester NY and her suburbs?  Basically, we’re growing up, and demanding New York State take notice.  We aren’t the sleepy little lake and wine region anymore.  We are the perfect mingling of work and play.  Commerce and Get-away-from-it-all.

Take for instance Webster NY. The Democrat and Chronicle article quotes a life long Webster resident.  “Webster now has almost everything residents need, from restaurants and retailers to grocery stores.  You don’t have to leave the town for much of anything.”

Ontario County can boast the same. The article quotes an economic development specialist “This is sort of the plan we’ve been working on for years to keep Ontario County as attractive a place as possible to do business, and as a result of that encouraging people to live and work in our county.”

A lifelong resident of Victor says “I remember when the population was so low that businesses didn’t really look at Victor as a viable market…But now more restaurants and businesses look to Victor as a new location.”

So what does that mean for us?  It means that living in Webster, Ontario, Canandaigua, and Victor means a short commute to work, and home to the lakes, vineyards, and outdoor activities we love.  That most people around the country only dream about.

Gerber Homes, a new home builder,  has their hand on the pulse of county planning.  With an eye to the future, they started establishing communities in Webster NY, Ontario NY, Canandaigua NY and Victor NY, long ago.  Click to see where they are building now.

Or, if you just want remodeling or additions to your existing dream home, Gerber Homes is there for you.  Adding In-Laws apartments, larger kitchens or baths.  There isn’t a job Gerber Homes hasn’t done many times over.

Give Lisa in Webster, Sharon in Canandaigua, Leanne in Ontario, and Mike in Victor, a call.  Walk through their model homes, and see why it’s better than ever to live in our area.

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Insulation. Our Ancestors Were Creative

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, May 9, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

Custom home builder Gerber Homes insulation 144x150It’s amazing what you can get for the price of a cup of coffee.

Recently, I asked a home inspector to give me a history lesson about insulation.  I know what Gerber Homes of Rochester New York uses in their new custom built homes.  But, before Owen-Corning came out with the “pink stuff”, what kept out the cold?

Sometimes, you find out more than you really need to know.  I’ll start with the less gross stuff.

Newspaper. Chances are, many of the older homes in your neighborhood have newspaper between the walls.  Especially, if the home owners were “DIY-ers”.  Wadding up old newspaper was a favorite do-it-yourself trick.  And, it made sense.  Newspaper that didn’t line the parakeet cage, went in the walls.  Newspaper was cheap, and everywhere.  And, it made a pretty good barrier against the cold.

The down side is that over time, newspaper tends to fall apart and crumble.  It packs down and creates an open air space where cold loves to hang out. (Read higher heating bills). In time, it’s just as economical to stuff dollar bills in there.

I found out about newspaper years ago when my folks remodeled THE bathroom.  (Yes, we only had one.)  The house was build just after WWII by a discharged Army Major who forgot to cancel his newspaper subscription.  Stacks of newspapers talking about the troops in Europe were wadded up and stuffed in the walls.  I wish now I’d saved those papers.  But even as a little kid I asked “How come he only stuffed newspapers at the bottom?” No wonder that bathroom was always so cold.

Straw, Wool, and Horsehair. Farm homes had lots, so why not insulate the walls with the stuff?  Perfect logic right?  Hey, lots of things work for a while, but about the time a homeless field mouse family moves in, suddenly things get… Squeaky.

All this to say, isn’t there a better solution? Insulation blocks the transfer of heat or cold. This is pretty important when you live in Rochester NY. You don’t want winter winds coming in, and furnace heat going out.  Same in summer.  Let’s keep the air conditioning confined to the inside of the house.  But I didn’t realize insulation also creates a sound barrier.  You like your neighbors better if you don’t have to hear them in the shower.

I’ve seen the insulation Gerber Homes puts in their new homes.  Insulation that is made to stay thick and tight between walls for generations. But I always wondered why the insulation was pink.  Back in 1938, an Owens-Corning employee came up with the pink color for their fiber-glass product.  The stuff gained popularity in the 1970′s when the Pink Panther movies came out.  Owen-Corning grabbed the Panther and ran.

Whether you are looking to build a new home or add an addition to an existing home, see what Gerber Homes Rochester NY has to offer.  They have new In-Law floor plans you won’t want to miss.  With the cost of assisted living, an In-Law home or addition makes a lot of sense.  Click here to see In-Law floor plans.

If you would like to see a Gerber Homes model home, there are many around.  Mike in Victor NY, Leanne in Ontario NY, Sharon in Canandaigua NY and Lisa in Webster NY, would love to show you what Gerber Homes of Rochester NY has to offer.  Give them a call today!

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Grand Entrances in Luxury New Homes

Posted by John Graziose on Thu, May 3, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

New luxury homes grand entranceStaircases make a home.  OK, originally, they were just for getting from one floor to another, but those days are dead and gone. Now, they make a statement.

If you’re like me, you grew up in the typical post WWII cookie-cutter neighborhood. The homes, threw together quickly to keep up with diapered Baby-Boomers, were pretty much alike.  Oh sure, the paint color was different, and there might be one with a brick front, but inside, your house looked like every other house on the block.  Homes were made for function.

Gerber Homes is anything BUT a cookie-cutter new home builder in Rochester NY. I enjoy driving down a Gerber Homes street and looking at the creativity.  No two homes are the same!  There’s a Ranch home next to a Colonial home, a Cape home beside a Patio home, and they all look like a loving family.

Lisa West, of the Webster NY Briarwood model has told me more than once: “We have many floor plans, but we have never built the same home twice.” Oh, the education I’m getting!  When I first started looking at new homes in Rochester NY, I would say to some of the home builders “Could you move this wall over a couple of feet?” I was shocked when I heard “No. The floor plans can’t be changed.”

Are you kidding me?  It’s MY house! Thankfully, Gerber Homes will never say this. Change anything you want on the floor plan, the sky’s the limit.  Now, that’s more like it!

But back to those staircases. In Gerber Homes’ Webster model, The Hemingway II, you walk in the front door, and you’re greeted by elegance.  This grand staircase winds it’s way to relaxing bedrooms, spa bathrooms, and a Bonus room you have to see to believe.  (We’ll save the Bonus room for another post.)

Another thing Gerber Homes gets right.  The stairs are finished in hardwood.  Are you catching this?  No more risking your life vacuuming stairs!  I hate stair carpeting.  First, you have to locate a stair-friendly vacuum.  Usually this means one with a long hose.  So, with hose in one hand, vacuum in the other, you inch your way up, while the electrical cord tries to send you into traction.  Just for safety, you hold the cell phone in your teeth, 911 on stand-by.

Gerber Homes believes you have better things to do than spend 6 months in a body cast.  With the hardwood flooring, you just take your Swiffer Duster, whisk a little, and 30 seconds later, you’re on the couch enjoying a latte.

Probably the best way to see the Webster NY model home is to just stop over.  Lisa West will be happy to show you around, or let you explore on your own.  Once you see the new homes for sale Rochester NY 2architecture of this magnificent home, you’ll see exactly what I mean.  The Webster NY model home is open Wednesday-Sunday, noon-5:00.  Or give Lisa a call, and she’ll meet you over there.  By the way, the model home in Webster NY is for sale. Loaded to the gills with upgrades.  Give Lisa a call to find out more!  (585) 329-1922.

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Apple Region New York State and New Home Building

Posted by John Graziose on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 13:04 PM

new homes Ontario NYOne of the things that attracted me to this part of New York State, was the abundance of farm markets.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly a country girl.  I had a little exposure to farm life when I was a kid, “helping” my uncle in Michigan, milk cows.  I confess, I do not have the gift.

So, moving so close to Ontario NY afforded me the luxury of fresh veggies, and the practicality of being close to work and Wegmans.

I recently traveled minutes out of Webster NY to Gerber Homes’ Summer Lake community in Ontario NY. I was surprised how close it is to the Webster NY business district, and our beloved Wegmans.  OK folks, I timed it.  Wegmans is only 10 minutes away from Gerber Homes’ Ontario NY community. 10 minutes!  I’ve spent longer in the produce department interviewing pomegranates.

When I arrived at the model home in Ontario NY, I met Leanne Boyatzies. Leanne let me do what I love to do:  Explore a new home.  I opened every cabinet, admired the beautiful wood on the stair railing.  I got such a kick out of this railing.  Gerber Homes of Rochester NY has designed a curve in the banister!  And different stained woods are dove-tailed together!  OK, I’ll admit it.  I actually stared at the railing.  Don’t judge, you would too. It was just the coolest thing.

After exploring the Ontario NY model home, Leanne told me a few things about Ontario NY.  First, you can get more house for your money, just by living 1 mile over the Webster NY border.  The difference amazed me.

Last spring I attended a talk where the Webster “fathers” announced Ontario NY is fast becoming an extension of Webster NY.  model homes Rochester NYWe are just running out of room, and need to move East.  Leanne lives in Ontario NY and has kids in the school district.  She says she wouldn’t be any place else.  There’s a small town feel, with all the shopping and dining just minutes away in Webster.

Then, I asked the big question:  What about winter.  Leanne assures me Ontario NY roads are constantly plowed and she hasn’t seen a delay in travel time.  Plus, Ontario has so many town activities, it’s the best of both worlds.

Gerber Homes’ Summer Lake in Ontario NY has a great location.  The model home (for sale by the way), overlooks Lake Ontario.  You can see the Lake from the Morning Room, Great Room and Bedrooms. The day I was there, the water was white capped, and very dramatic.  It’s like having water front property, without the added expense.

I guess this new homes community in Ontario NY is something you just have to see.  Stop in sometime, Wednesday: Friday, 10:00 – 3:00. Saturday and Sunday: Noon-5:00.  Leanne new home builders Ontario NYwould love to show off her model home, and let you explore the Ontario NY town she loves.  Give Leanne a call: (585) 880-1755 or see more photos on the Gerber Homes’ website. Click to see Colonial Floor Plans!

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