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Build Or Buy an Existing Home? What’s the Right Choice In the Rochester Area?

Posted by John Graziose on Tue, Mar 12, 2013 @ 15:03 PM


If you’re considering owning a home in the Rochester area, you may be torn between building something new—or purchasing an existing home. Both are viable choices, whether you’re thinking about living in Rochester, Ontario, Canandaigua, Webster or elsewhere. There’s no escaping the “old-school” charm that homes built before the 1950s offer. But that charm comes with some hidden costs.

Safety: The electrical systems in older homes generally don’t meet the safety standards today’s homes have to meet. In addition to their inability to meet the power demands of today’s appliances, older wiring—some of it with cloth-wrapped wires—can present a significant fire danger.

Energy Efficiency: There have been a lot of advances in energy efficiency in the last 10+ years alone. Not only do newer homes offer energy savings and put less stress on the environment, they are also simply more comfortable homes.

Design: When we talk about design, we’re not talking about the obvious charm that older homes exude. Older homes, however, were designed for a different kind of lifestyle. Bathrooms were smaller. People tended to have formal dining rooms and living rooms. The kitchen was a place to prepare meals—not a place where people entertained. And the floor plans of older homes were a bit “chopped up” (at least by today’s standards). Today's trend is leaning more towards open living spaces.

Does this mean you shouldn’t buy an older home—even if the style and charm really appeal to you? Not necessarily. You should, however, go into the situation with your eyes open and be prepared to spend some money on things that will make your home comfortable and safe. And you should make sure that the home you end up buying really fits your lifestyle—or can be adapted to match your lifestyle at a price that you can afford.

If you’d like to get some ideas on floor plans that might be right for your lifestyle, check out our wide array of plans for free here. Whatever you decide—old or new—make sure you end up with the house you’ll feel at home in!



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