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New Home Options: Home Offices and Cappuccino

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, May 2, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

Home builder Webster NYHome offices are all the rage now, and with great reasons.

It seems the way business is going.  It just makes financial sense to have employees work from home.  And many employees prefer the flexibility.

Part 2 is our busy lives. We need a room designated to take care of our stuff.  A place for important papers, etc.  And a place to set up our computer(s).  This internet thing just doesn’t seem to be going away.

So Home Offices become our Command Center.  The hub of the house.  It’s where we find things.  Do things.  Watch the latest YouTube videos, and pass along Forwards about cute pets in Halloween costumes.

How did families survive without a Home Office?  It’s where soccer schedules are tacked to the wall, where peanut butter sandwiches go to die.  Let’s face it, we need a space just to keep our lives organized.  Or if this doesn’t work, a room with a door.

Gerber Homes, a premier new home builder in Rochester NY, has this Home Office thing all figured out. They are a family business, so they know a thing or two about what families need.

The Webster NY Briarwood Model Home Office is not only elegant, it’s also accessible.  The floor plan is designed for both business and family.home builders Rochester NY 2

This is what I mean: When you work out of your home, you need to be able to greet customers at the door, and take them directly into your office.  With the Hemingway II’s floor plan, the Office is right near the front door. Don’t underestimate the importance of this! I’ve gone through models from other home builders, and the Office is located on the second floor.  Just go past the unmade beds, it’s right after the kid’s bathroom.  Try not to stare at the Barney undies on the floor.

Since Gerber Homes is a family business, they figure most business deals will go better if customers don’t see the entire house…  Less stress for everyone.

The Office in Gerber Homes Webster NY model is also designed to be a part of the family.  One door opens to the foyer, the other door, a pocket door, becomes an extension of the Great Room.  So, while you’re cuddled up on the couch watching Leave It To Beaver reruns, (taking notes on how Ward organizes his Home Office), you can monitor how much screen time your kids are getting.  Plus, you’re close enough to yell “Hey, make me a cappuccino while you’re up!” (It could happen…)

new homes Webster NY1I guess the best way to see how this all fits together is to visit the  Webster NY model home. It’s about 5 minutes from Wegmans, and close to everything Webster has to offer.  Stop by and go through the model!  It’s open Wednesday-Sunday, noon-5.  Or just call Lisa West, the Webster rep for Gerber Homes. She can arrange a tour anytime.  Call her today! (585) 329-1922.  You might be interested to know this Webster NY model home is for sale.  AND it’s loaded to the gills with upgrades. You’ll never get a better deal on a new home!!

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New Home Floor Plans and Pot Roast

Posted by John Graziose on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 13:04 PM

New home floor plansKitchens and Bathrooms.  To me, they make a home.  The rest is just living space.  Show me the kitchen counter tops.  Show me the shower.

I’ll bet I’m not alone.  Today, people use their kitchens for more than just making dinner.  We entertain more, so our kitchens need to be a part of the action.

Back in the olden days (read: 10+ years), social gatherings were different.  I remember running back and forth from kitchen to living room.  I needed to be in the kitchen placing tiny sprigs of parsley on Ritz crackers and dip, while my guests were in the living room, beverage in hand, wondering where in the world I was.  It was hardly win/win for anyone.

Today, smart builders like Gerber Homes, know most hosts would rather join the party, than be sequestered in the kitchen.

Remember the sit-com “Leave It To Beaver?” of the 1960′s?  (humor me…) June Cleaver vacuumed, made pot roast, and hosted award-winning dinner parties, all in pumps and pearls. Never leaving her guests for one minute.

I’ve never been able to pull that off.  However, I think Gerber Homes has given us an edge.  Give home owners a workable floor plan, and the rest will take care of homes builders Webster NY

For instance, look at the Hemingway II floor plan. This beautiful model home in Webster NY is 2,759 square feet of practical living.  It’s a combo of elegance and ease.

OK, take a look at the Kitchen and the Great Room floor plan again. See how the Kitchen just flows into the Great Room? No walls!  You and your guests can chat while you put the finishing touches on the prime rib.  Or better yet, they can grab their own beverage and Ritz cracker from the Snack Bar!

This new home builder in Rochester NY has given us loads of options.  A casual brunch in the Morning Room, or a formal “impress the neighbors” dinner in the Dining Room. Either way, the Kitchen is only steps away.  Which means you’ll actually be able to enjoy your party.

What a concept.  Thanks Gerber Homes!

new homes Rochester NY 2Come take a tour of the Hemingway II for yourself.  Lisa West, Gerber Homes’ rep for the Webster community of Briarwood, would love to show you around.  Just email Lisa or give her a call, (585) 329-1922. You’re going to love what Gerber Homes has done!

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