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Why Build A New Home Rather Than Buy An Existing Home?

Posted by John Graziose on Mon, May 7, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

advantages of building a new home Rochester NY 150x150Why Build A New Home Rather Than Buy An Existing Home?

That’s a good question.  With so many existing homes around, why build a new one?

Building verses buying comes down to more than preference.  It’s nice to have a floor plan that works best for your family.  It’s great to have a Home Office that is really a Home Office.  (Not a converted bedroom.)  It’s wonderful to decide where walls will go, and room size.  Gerber Homes in Rochester NY allows total control over the floor plan.  Click here to see floor plans, but know any of these can be changed.

Building a new home rather than buying an existing home makes energy and fiscal sense.

Older homes are known for their charm.  Think for instance of the beautiful mansions of Canandaigua NY.  Right in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region.  Many were built in the late 1800′s and have stood the test of time.  At least on the outside.  The wise buyer will want to peek between the walls.

Prior to 1950, electricians used cloth-wrapped wiring. Plastic wiring wasn’t even thought of yet.

There are several problems with cloth-wrapped wiring.  In time, the cloth becomes brittle and rots away.  Add a few hungry field mice who love dining on cloth, and you’ve got a fire hazard.

More than one Home Inspector has looked at existing homes built before 1950 and found faulty wiring. The wires, without their original cloth, easily touch and cause shocks and sparks.  Brittle and rotting cloth is a fire hazard.

So, what are the options? If an home built before 1950 is the way you want to go, than be prepared for total rewiring expenses. The home you are considering may have been built before Codes were even thought about.

This is just another reason building a new home makes fiscal, and safety, sense.  Gerber Homes builds with quality workmanship in mind.   Click here to see what others have said about Gerber Homes.

Click to see Gerber Homes’ many communities. They build quality new homes in neighborhoods, or on your own lot.  Call Sharon in Canandaigua NY, Mike in Victor NY, Leanne in Ontario NY or Lisa in Webster NY.  Tour their beautiful model homes, and ask the differences between buying an existing home verses a beautiful new Gerber Home.

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New Home Floor Plans and Pot Roast

Posted by John Graziose on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 13:04 PM

New home floor plansKitchens and Bathrooms.  To me, they make a home.  The rest is just living space.  Show me the kitchen counter tops.  Show me the shower.

I’ll bet I’m not alone.  Today, people use their kitchens for more than just making dinner.  We entertain more, so our kitchens need to be a part of the action.

Back in the olden days (read: 10+ years), social gatherings were different.  I remember running back and forth from kitchen to living room.  I needed to be in the kitchen placing tiny sprigs of parsley on Ritz crackers and dip, while my guests were in the living room, beverage in hand, wondering where in the world I was.  It was hardly win/win for anyone.

Today, smart builders like Gerber Homes, know most hosts would rather join the party, than be sequestered in the kitchen.

Remember the sit-com “Leave It To Beaver?” of the 1960′s?  (humor me…) June Cleaver vacuumed, made pot roast, and hosted award-winning dinner parties, all in pumps and pearls. Never leaving her guests for one minute.

I’ve never been able to pull that off.  However, I think Gerber Homes has given us an edge.  Give home owners a workable floor plan, and the rest will take care of homes builders Webster NY

For instance, look at the Hemingway II floor plan. This beautiful model home in Webster NY is 2,759 square feet of practical living.  It’s a combo of elegance and ease.

OK, take a look at the Kitchen and the Great Room floor plan again. See how the Kitchen just flows into the Great Room? No walls!  You and your guests can chat while you put the finishing touches on the prime rib.  Or better yet, they can grab their own beverage and Ritz cracker from the Snack Bar!

This new home builder in Rochester NY has given us loads of options.  A casual brunch in the Morning Room, or a formal “impress the neighbors” dinner in the Dining Room. Either way, the Kitchen is only steps away.  Which means you’ll actually be able to enjoy your party.

What a concept.  Thanks Gerber Homes!

new homes Rochester NY 2Come take a tour of the Hemingway II for yourself.  Lisa West, Gerber Homes’ rep for the Webster community of Briarwood, would love to show you around.  Just email Lisa or give her a call, (585) 329-1922. You’re going to love what Gerber Homes has done!

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Bedrooms Bathrooms New Homes

Posted by John Graziose on Wed, Apr 18, 2012 @ 13:04 PM

new home builders Webster NY 3OK, so at the end of the day (literally), after the in-laws have gone home, and the dog has been let out for the last time, you’ll have one thing on your mind.  Sleep.

I’m not much for studies and surveys.  I’m probably like you.  I do my own research.  But I did read that people get more restful sleep in a calm environment.  (I could have told them that…)

I don’t think the new owners of the Gerber Homes’ Homearama model will have trouble catching Z’s.

The bedrooms in the Gerber Homes model are beautiful. I loved them before the furniture arrived, but I have to say, the furnishings do bring it all together.

I love the dormer in the 3rd bedroom.  The natural light and huge closet in the 2nd bedroom. A kid can never have too much closet space.  The Master Bedroom has a room set aside for it’s closet.

I love the natural light Gerber Homes has built into their floor plans. All their models have big windows.  And interesting designs. Click to see floor plans:  Colonial, Ranch, and Patio.

But Homearama 2010 in Rochester NY will be ending soon.  That’s hard news for a Homearama Groupie like myself.  So, what now?  Wait until next year?home builders Webster NY

Hardly!  We can have our own personal Homearamas anytime we want, just by touring Gerber Homes’ many models! And the best part?  No crowds. No one pushing you ahead when you want to examine the tiling or laundry room.  Click to see the many model homes you can visit!

Don’t forget that Monday, between 4-7 the Gerber model will be open one more time.  Barbara Jean’s Furniture will make all the furniture and items available at 10% off! Plus, you’ll get to look at those bathroom and bedrooms, once more.

After this, Gerber Homes’ Homearama model will be closed to the public.  Now, it’s time for a new family to move in and start making memories.

new homes Ontario NY 4I guess that’s the reason Gerber Homes builds homes. Families, memories, and dreams.

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